KONI Reafirms Its Commitment To CTCC

Shannonville, Ontario, January 22, 2021 – CTCC presented by Pirelli is proud to announce that KONI North America reiterated its commitment to CTCC for a third consecutive year and will continue to be a strong partner to the series.

 “I am greatly honoured that KONI chose to reaffirm its association with CTCC this season,” shared Dominique Bondar, General Manager of RACE Events.  “This association has been very positive for both our organizations and we are delighted that our platform allows them to further their brand worldwide.  Our TCR association gives the series an international exposure and an incomparable window of opportunities that our partners directly benefit from.” 

 ” KONI has history in automotive racing and the CTCC series adds a new chapter to this. The series and teams bring the highest levels of professionalism to the sports. The Organizers, Teams, Drivers and Fans have become part of our family so we are proud to continue to be a partner and share on with our global platforms.” said Allen Briere, Automotive Sales Manager for KONI North America.

KONI has been in business for 150 years, involved in automobile dampers since 1932 and has produced adjustable telescopic dampers since 1945. In addition to being a niche maker of high-performance shocks, KONI also builds shocks for trucks, buses, RVs and railway rolling stock as well. 

CTCC presented by Pirelli is ready to launch its fifteenth season and will be unveiling its 2021 calendar in the coming weeks.  Fans can follow the championship via the following social media platforms: Facebook: touringcar.ca, Twitter: @ctccracing, Instagram: @ctccracing, and on our website at www.touringcar.ca.

About KONI

As a part of ITT Motion Technologies, and as they’ve been doing for over 80 years, KONI develops, manufactures, and markets high performance shock absorbers for many types of private and commercial vehicles, including street and racing cars, trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, and military vehicles as well as high speed trains. ITT Motion Technologies is a world leader in the development and production of components for the transport and automobile industry.   www.koni-na.com

About CTCC

CTCC presented by Pirelli is a Sports Car Racing Championship and a leader in Canadian motorsport. It provides race fans with close and exciting competition between some of Canada’s finest and fastest race car drivers. CTCC takes pride in the fact that it is Canadian owned and operated and is the longest-running professional sports car series in Canada. It showcases race cars based on their original street version since 2007. www.touringcar.ca

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Dominique Bondar
General Manager
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