Chris Takes Home 2 Podiums at Home Track

ICar’s Ecko Unlimited started off dry, with lots of standing water on the track. After only 2 laps into the qualifying round, the crew realized that Chris’ transponder wasn’t working. They got him off right away to fix it. Ashley continued on, lowering her track time each lap. The crew managed to get Chris back on with only 7 minutes remaining. Despite only having a few laps left, Chris was able to get the pole position for the qualifying round and would lead the pack in race 5. Ashley would start 4th .

The first race was off in the rain with some slipping and sliding all over. The pack was tight, but Chris and some super touring cars separated early on. Ashley was ahead of Bob Attrell in his Hyundai genesis, battling hard with him. Coming around the last corner, Bob went slightly sideways in front of Ashley. In order to avoid a collision, Ashley turned and ran into some heavy water, which hydroplaned her right into the wall. Luckily, Ashley walked away with no scratches. The race was back on and Chris was driving hard, holding first place, with no other Grand Sport cars around. He took 1st place for race 5.

It was a jam-packed schedule. Thankfully, the sunshine came out for race 6. The Grand Sports took off quickly. Chris was fighting to keep his first position, but had some troubles with his differential. So, Gary Kwok, in his Honda Civic TCR, caught up to him. Chris kept up and held Attrell off, turning the fastest lap time of the race. It was a tight fight for Chris and Attrell, but Chris came out on top and finished 2nd for race 6.

The Sahakian siblings remain in the “Top 5” overall for the Grand Sport division. Chris in 3rd position with 619 points. Ashley holding 5th position with 319 points.